The Wadesville Center Township Volunteer Fire Department was organized in May, 1962 by a group of civic minded people living in Wadesville and Center Township.  The group was able to purchase their first fire truck in June of that same year.  The truck was a 1948 John Beam high pressure pumper.  The truck had to be stored in a barn in town until a station could be built.

In the fall of 1962 a general contractor with the help of the firefighters built a station on the corner of Main and Princeton Streets in Wadesville.  This station covered about 500 people living in Center Township.  At that time they were approached by Robinson Township to see if they would contract fire protection for their area.  An agreement was made to divide the township with Marrs Fire Department because of the size of the township.  Wadesville is to be the first response to the north half and Marrs the first response to the south half.

Over the years, more people moved into the area causing heavier traffic on our roads increasing the demands on the fire department.  In 1990, Wadesville built a new station in order to house more equipment for our needs and to have a training facility to keep our firefighters and medically trained members current on their skills.

The Wadesville Center Twp. Vol. Fire Department has a 24 member staff and responds with 2 engines, 1 tanker, and 1 rescue.  We respond to all medical, fire, automobile, and other miscellaneous emergencies in Center Twp. and the Northern half of Robinson Twp.  The current chief of the Wadesville Fire Department is Chief Stephen Williams.