Wadesville Fire Department is looking for dedicated men and women interested in joining our volunteer department.  Firefighting is an honorable profession, one that involves selflessness, sacrifice, commitment to the greater good, honor, loyalty, and courage.  We will provide you with the required training and equipment required to safely and effectively perform during emergency responses.

Questions?  Please see our FAQ section.  If you have any additional questions or would like more information about what our department does, please email us at or call (812) 673-4277.

If you are ready to apply for membership in Wadesville Fire Department, download the membership application. You may use either the PDF or Docx icon below. Fill out then mail or email to the places below.

Completed applications may be mailed to:

Stephen Williams
Wadesville Fire Department
PO Box 180
Wadesville, IN  47638

or emailed to:

For further information, contact the Wadesville Fire Department at (812) 673-4277.